Chillin’ at the Vineyards

The Pits: The boys always seem to gravitate toward the narrow area of the photo frame that’s directly behind the subjects I’m trying to photograph.

The Peaks: I publicized the fact that I have written a book that is available for pre-order and received some very kind and thoughtful comments. For that reason, I’ve had to redesign this site a bit for those that might wander in in search of the book. I apologize if it takes on more of a marketing feel. I’m just trying to follow the best practices of informing visitors about the book.

I took the boys to the playground at Sunset Elementary for them to play. Turner had a hankering to show me the tricks he could do on the monkey bars. The trick was supposed to consist of him swinging and moving his grip to the next bar, but instead his grip slipped and he fell and landed on his back on the cold ground. After a few uncomfortable moments of him wheezing, he caught his breath and was fine, other than having a sore back.

We rested before heading out to Arrington to take some group holiday photos of the Klints and Pettys. Everyone did okay for the most part, and you can probably tell how well the boys cooperated by observing the grass stains on their new jeans.

Chillin’ at the Vineyards

One thought on “Chillin’ at the Vineyards

  • November 2, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    I just love these pictures!! They just look so natural and the background is beautiful!!!
    I really love the two little people in the pictures! They are always my favorite subjects!!
    Love, Mamaw
    Also, the new format of the Piccal is great! I am really enjoying it!! Love the creator of the Piccal!!


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