Jump For Your Life!

The Pits: I took the day off to take the boys to get their flu shots. Turner bled quite a bit after the shot, and he claimed the nurse hit his bone. He insisted that, when he acted like he was crying for the following pic, he actually began to cry.

The rest of the day was fairly busy with cleaning and getting some gifts together for Traci’s birthday.

The Peaks: After flu shots, I ran by Five Daughters Bakery to get some surprise donuts for Traci. Then I spent some time rearranging her race medal hangers in the office to accommodate a new hanger for her newer medals we haven’t had space to hang.

When Traci got home, we went to Tupelo Honey Cafe, where she and I split the Slow-Roasted Pork Grilled Cheese Sandwich and the Pimento & Fried Pickle Burger. The BBQ sandwich was better.

After dinner, we went to Belk so Turner could pick out a gold chain that he’s been saving up for. I was impressed that he knew what size he wanted (he preferred the 18″ to the 16″) and he was committed to using his money for it. It wiped out his wallet and piggy bank, plus some, but he agreed to do some chores to pay us back.

I didn’t realize until the end of the day that I didn’t get a pic of Traci on her birthday, but we’ll be doing a new business headshot for her soon, so that should make up for it.

Jump For Your Life!
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