Hello From The Carline

The Pits: Rainy, gloomy weather.

The Peaks: Off work early to beat traffic. It was nice to finish up the day in the house with the family and then get to have dinner with them.

I recently contacted Khalid’s family to inquire about whether or not they received the letter we mailed to them back in May. It turns out they never received it. Fortunately, I’d taken photos of the letters that we’d included so I just sent those photos via email (included below for posterity). Khalid sent the boys a video and they recorded one in the carline this morning.

Finished listening to the audiobook of The Fold by Peter Clines, and the ebook of Finish: Give Yourself The Gift of Done by Jon Acuff, which hasn’t been released yet but I got an advance review copy from being on his mailing list.

Hello From The Carline
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