Weston’s 7th Birthday

The Pits: Nah.

The Peaks: Today was Weston’s birthday and he woke up in a relatively good mood. When I dropped him off at school, Mr. Lambert started singing to him as he walked in.

I worked from home the first part of the day because Traci and I had planned to have lunch with Weston at the school. Fortunately, Turner’s lunchtime is near the same time, so he got to join us as well.

After work, I met the family at Uncle Julio’s, the dining location Weston had chosen for his birthday dinner. We had a nice dinner, then we shared the chocolate pinata, which was Weston’s true reason for going there.

We got home in time to let Weston open his final gift, the Hot Wheels AI racing system. The boys played with it for a little bit before heading to bed.

For posterity, here’s Traci’s “Happy Birthday to Weston” Facebook post.

Weston’s 7th Birthday
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