Cars, Karts, and Flag Practice at Crocket Park

The Pits: Turner’s really struggling to entertain himself, which makes it frustrating for those of us who share a house with him.

The Peaks: We attended the Cars n’ Coffee show today, which was the big exotic meet for the month. We saw the Tateuchis there and got to hang with them for a bit.

The boys had their first flag football practice at the indoor arena at Crockett Park. They both seem to like their coaches, and this will be the first time they’re on the same competitive team. Hopefully, it will go well.

Kim came up to visit for awhile and to go out for a girls’ night with Traci and some friends. The boys and I had a guys’ night at home. I setup the Wii (shelving the Xbox 360 for awhile) since the boys were wanting to play Mario Kart. We had pizza and gamed until it was time for bed.

Cars, Karts, and Flag Practice at Crocket Park
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