Lake Winnie

The Pits: None.

The Peaks: We were up early for our day at Lake Winnepesaukah. My mom was gracious enough to come with the boys and me, so we wouldn’t lose Weston. We rode the train first to get a feel for where everything was in the park. It was much smaller than I remember from childhood, but it definitely has a charm that some of the larger parks have lost.

We rode the ferris wheel next. We were on it for twelve minutes, thirty seconds because the operator was a bored, drowsy-looking youth who didn’t know how to properly balance a ferris wheel despite the load order of the cabs being posted next to his station. Another park worker brought him a drink, but he wasn’t able to stand up because his socks had prints of marijuana-leaves on them, so he had to keep them hidden beneath the platform. On the bright side, we got a nice view of the park from up high. Mamaw and Turner ended up in the cab opposite us and can just be seen behind us in the pic.

The boys got to drive the Antique Cars and Bumper Cars and we managed to get Mamaw on a smallish rollercoaster, the Wild Lightnin’. It doesn’t look like much, but it does jerk you around and drop you quite a bit. I ended up having to ride this two more times with Weston since he rode the Cannon Ball with me.

The boys did good taking turns riding with Mamaw and me. I was impressed that they didn’t fight more about it. We rode the weird funhouse ride, the Alpine Way, and the Boat Chute, which was one of my favorites from when I was a kid. Turner was scared to get on at first because of the long dark tunnel that you have to go through. We managed to convince him to ride it and it turned out to be his favorite ride.

We ran into the Canarys at the park, and I’m surprised that none of us had any idea that we were all going there. We planned to meet up at the Soak Ya waterpark later on, but when we tried to enter they said I couldn’t take in a cooler with food. By the time we got back to the front of the park to drop off the cooler at the picnic area, the boys were tired and ready to go home.

Both boys won fidget spinners at one of the carnival games, which turned out to be a good time to call it a day. On the way out, Turner spotted a young man that had helped out with their Nolensville VBS. We were near the entrance of the park, so I asked him to take a photo of us. He held the phone vertically, which kinda irked me, but I can’t really complain.

We packed up and headed home. We had dinner at Mamaw’s and Papaw’s house, then the boys and I got home around 9pm.

We’d planned this trip mainly to see how the boys would do at an amusement park. We’ve toyed with the idea of taking the boys to Disney, but didn’t want to fork out all of that money if they weren’t going to ride any of the rides. I have to say, the boys did great. They, and my mom, rode more rides than I was expecting. It was a great trip and I would happily do it again in the future.

Lake Winnie
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  • August 4, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    Oh, I had such fun at Lake Winnie!! You all were perfect companions! Hopefully, we can do it again sometime! Love y’all!! Mamaw


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