Side By Side

The Pits: Our family was standing on the shore by the lake at sunset when I asked for us to pause for a Mindful Moment. I asked everyone to pick out a sound that they heard. Weston hopped up on the ATV and said, “I hear this,” then honked the horn. So much for our Mindful Moment.

The Peaks: We went down to Winchester after lunch to hang with my family. We spent a good part of the afternoon letting the boys drive the Side-by-Sides around the cornfield. Weston turned out to be the better driver, but Turner wanted to go faster. Coincidence?

We ate dinner, then headed back down to the lakeside to watch the sunset. We had a nice time watching Papaw and the boys build a fire.

I took our family pic with the most expensive tripod I’ve used.

Side By Side
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