Back in Flag

The Pits: I’d planned to put up one of the shutters that had fallen off our neighbor’s house during a storm while they are visiting family in Mexico. Of course, all of the shutter pins had broken off inside the holes in the house, so I had to extract each of those. After that was done, I realized the shutter that they had on their front porch was not the same size as the other shutters. Rather, it was a few inches shorter and was meant for an upstairs level. So, I didn’t get the new shutter put on, but at least I got the difficult work done.

The Peaks: Last night, during our dinner at Wasabi, my dad was talking about his 1-egg omelette. I told him about my 3-egg omelette and he seemed interested. This morning, I sent instructions on how to build one, then enjoyed mine on our porch.

I trimmed some limbs in our front yard, then took the boys to their flag football evaluations. They both did pretty good, but their favorite drill was the “gauntlet” style drill where they had to either run past a defenseman or pull a runner’s flag.

We’d planned to have just a family dinner at Burger Republic tonight, but the Klints heard of our plans and asked to join in. We had a great meal and then came back to our place for drinks on the porch.

Back in Flag
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