Family Boat Trip 2017

The Pits: Turner woke up early with a stuffy nose after a rough night of sleep. His attitude slowly grew worse as the day wore on.

The Peaks: We had a great time on Tims Ford Lake with my family. My cousins let us borrow their raft and we took turns trying to bounce the riders off. We stayed out for several hours, then my family dropped us off around 4pm so we could get back to Nolensville in time for VBS to start. We took the boys to Sonic for a quick dinner before dropping them off at VBS. Turner had a meltdown because I’d forgotten to pack his shoes to change in to and he only had Crocs to wear, so Traci had to run home to get his shoes while the boys ate.

Traci and I had a nice dinner at Jasmine, which we haven’t gotten to eat at in years. We were all pretty tired when we got home, so it was straight to bed for everyone.

Here’s a quick video of our time on the lake.

Family Boat Trip 2017
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