Look Up

Look Up

The Pits: I was frustrated this evening, overwhelmed with a website project at work that I’m looking forward to having completed.

The Peaks: On the way to summer camp this morning, Turner finally said he enjoyed our extra time together in the mornings.

I made the trek out to Opry Mills to get a new battery for Traci’s Fossil watch, then chatted with a Fitbit customer service rep about getting her Charge HR replaced. We recently realized that our upstairs bathroom faucet was dripping at an alarming rate, so I stopped by Home Depot on the way home to look for new faucets. I took several pics for spousal consent, but will refrain from posting those here. I wish this process was more fun.

I had a nice dinner on the porch, then played football with the boys until they started fighting and hitting each other, then we came in and went to bed.

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