Field Trips, Butterflies and Ticks

The Pits: The tour at Cheekwood was boring even for me. You can probably imagine how it went over with the kids. There’s lots of cool and interesting stuff at Cheekwood, and we got to experience 0% of it.

The Peaks: I took the day off to go with Weston’s class on a field trip to Cheekwood. We started off at the Warner Nature Center for a quick tour around the grounds there. During the trip to the garden, a butterfly landed on Weston’s finger and ended up staying there for over 15 minutes. Weston got a lot of attention from the girls during this time. It wasn’t until we went into the indoor pet exhibit did one of the rangers ask Weston to let the butterfly go outside so it didn’t get trapped indoors.

We headed over to Cheekwood for lunch and for a guided tour. Lunch went okay, considering that 8 boys piled onto the small picnic blanket I’d brought despite the presence of other larger blankets having much more available space. One of the boys moved, giving me a small area where I could sit and eat next to Weston. While I was finishing my sandwich, I spotted a tick on his leg that hadn’t fully burrowed in yet. I worked it out of his skin while he screamed and did whatever else he could to make sure everyone in attendance knew he had a tick in his leg.

We came home and rested until it was time to pick up Turner from school. We had a family dinner, then I took Turner to his final flag football practice. Weston came with us and was able to participate in a few of the drills.

Below is a photo of the survey we worked on in the car line today.

Field Trips, Butterflies and Ticks
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