The Pinewood Derby 2017

The Pits: Turner’s flag football team got spanked, 0-27. He played QB the whole time and mentioned that he’d like experience playing other positions as well. Overall, it seems like he enjoys defense rather than offense.

The Peaks: Traci left early to run in the Oak Barrel Half Marathon while the boys and I started off our morning with omelettes, then hit Cars n’ Coffee. It was the big show, but we were only able to stay for about 30 minutes because we had to come home and get ready for Turner’s game.

I knew it was going to be a big day at the park because of the game and Pinewood Derby schedule. I had to pack up lunches and snacks and flag football and Pinewood Derby equipment for the day.

Turner’s game was first, then we had lunch under the Nolensville Park pavilion and hung out until Weston’s game started. Traci arrived right after the game started. Weston’s team lost, but Weston did pretty good and scored most of their TDs.

We swung by Mill Creek Brewery for a snack and a brew before heading to Nolensville United Methodist Church for the Pinewood Derby.

Both boys got to “check in” their cars. Weston was the only sibling to bring a car, so they let him race with the older Arrow of Light Scouts. During one of the races, his car won and Weston’s friends huddled around him in a big group hug and cheered. That was a special moment for him.

Turner’s DeLorean didn’t do as well as Thunderbolt did last year, but he got to play a more active part in building the car this year, so he was happy with it. Turner, Hector and Yui each did well and won at least one race.

They set it up so that each kid got to race their car 8 times. Needless to say, the event dragged on a bit too long. During this time, Nina did some calculations and actually made some approximate guesses at how long the event would last. Once it was over, the boys posed for photos, then we went to Wasabi for dinner with the Tateuchis.

We all really enjoyed the experience. Traci and I got the habachi chicken, salad with ginger dressing, and miso soup. Dinner ended up lasting nearly 2 hours and we got home around 8:30pm.

The Pinewood Derby 2017
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