Spring Break 2017 – Day 2 – Turner Falls at High Falls

The Pits: Turner fell in the water while jumping across rocks at High Falls. His resulting attitude put a lot of strain on the remainder of the day.

The Peaks: We started off the morning with a quick bike ride to the nearby Harris Teeter for some groceries. Unfortunately, everything is uphill in Asheville, so Weston got really frustrated on his bike and ended up tearing up at one point. But he muscled through.

After quite a bit of debate, we decided to check out DuPont State Recreational Forest. We got behind a truck carrying a half house on the small, single lane road to the forest. Fortunately, I was able to squeeze around them before we hit construction, else our trip could’ve been greatly delayed.

There’s not really an obvious place to start off at DuPont. We finally found a parking area that pointed to Hooker Falls, which was confusing because that’s not the main waterfall we were wanting to see. But the train gives you access to the other falls as well, so I’d recommend parking here.

The Triple Falls are what we really came to see. We were fortunate to want to setup for a photo at the same spot as a pro, CapturedByChavi. She graciously offered to take a few quick pics of our family. I thought they turned out pretty good.

We were pretty hungry after the photo session, so we had a picnic before heading to High Falls. I thought this was the most impressive waterfall we saw during the whole trip.

We walked up to view the top view of the falls, but we wanted to get a better look from the bottom. It was here that Turner and Weston were jumping around on the rocks and Turner slipped and fell in. He leaped right out laughing, but it turned ugly shortly thereafter. We didn’t have a change of clothes with us (we didn’t have access to a washer and dryer, so we were sparsely packed as it was) so he had to deal with wet pants and shoes for the afternoon.

The Sierra Nevada Brewery was on the route back to our place, so we stopped by to check it out. Traci and I grabbed a half pint and headed out to enjoy the nice weather in their beer garden. Turner had a bad attitude the whole time, partially because his clothes were still damp, but mostly because he was wanting attention. I got Weston to snap a pic of us.

We came on back to our place so Turner could get changed into dry clothes, then headed to Asheville Brewing Company for dinner. We ate in the arcade room, which was a neat concept. The food was decent enough. Nothing terribly special, but an easy enough place to recommend for a family meal. The boys played the TMNT arcade game, which was one of my favorites when the Fun Tunnel still existed in Tullahoma.

There was a park, Montford Park, conveniently located near our AirBNB. I walked down with the boys so they could play basketball and throw the football. We came back for showers–in the cozy bathroom–and I finished reading Stuart Little by E.B. White to them. All in all, it was a big, fun day.

Spring Break 2017 – Day 2 – Turner Falls at High Falls
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