2017 Salt Lake City Trip – Day 3: The Return

The Pits: Our flight home was pretty bumpy throughout. Pretty standard.

The Peaks: First thing this morning, I took another run around the Temple Square and up to the capitol building. It’s beautiful to see the mountain range in the early morning. On my way back to the hotel, I saw this person walking toward the Comic Con FanX event that was going on. She was dressed up as what I thought was a Star Wars character, and after some research I learned she was Hera Syndulla from the Clone Wars. Of course, I told her I was taking the pic to send to my kids. I’m sure she was thinking, “Yeah, right. This is for your ‘kids.’ Typical human.”

Aaron and I stopped by HUGE Sound Post Production in the morning to visit with a few of our previous colleagues. They have a pretty impressive studio and it was great to reconnect with our old friends. Plus we got to see them working on the upcoming TV series, Mr. Mercedes, based on the book series by Stephen King.

We returned to our studio for a short visit before having a company lunch at Red Rock Brewing; Aaron thought I could use a beer after tolerating his family the previous night, but I passed on the brew and enjoyed a tasty cobb salad.

We stopped back by the studio to say our goodbyes, then headed to the airport. On the flight home, I watched “Ex Machina” and started reading The Golden Compass, though now I’m thinking I might put it on hold since it seems like something the boys would enjoy in a year or so.

Our flight landed in Nashville around 9pm and Julie was there to pick us up and drop me off at home. My family was asleep already, so I went straight upstairs to give the boys a kiss. I came back down to my office and found the care package that Turner had left for me on my computer. It was a fun thing to come home to.

2017 Salt Lake City Trip – Day 3: The Return
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