2017 Salt Lake City Trip – Day 2: The Surprise Mormon Birthday Party

The Pits: Hotel Monaco claimed to offer a free yoga class at 6:30am. I’d never taken an actual class, so I woke up early to make it to the class. I went to The Vault room where the class was supposed to be. A few minutes after 6:30am, a hotel employee came in and asked if I was the instructor. I said no and she informed me that the instructor apparently never showed up. So, I went on a run instead…after grabbing one of the water bottles that were left out for the yoga attendees.

The Peaks: After failing to attend a yoga class, I ran around Temple Square and up the steep hill to the Capitol building. It was a beautiful morning.

I met up with Aaron in the hotel lobby around 9am and we headed to the studio. After meetings and a live orchestral session, we headed to lunch at Red Iguana 2. I had the spicy chicken tacos, and it was a solid mexican meal. Afterwards, we headed back to the office and I lead the IT discussion, which was my primary purpose for being in SLC. We talked about our V2 website, VALO Artists, and a few other items.

After the IT discussion, Aaron and I headed out to pick up his sister Amanda from the airport. She’d flown in for a surprise birthday party for Aaron’s father.

We stopped by Aaron’s brother’s house that was currently being built. His brother is an architect and has designed a beautiful house in a great area. It was cool to see and the surrounding landscape reminded me of the setting for one of my favorite video games, Red Dead Redemption.

Aaron’s brother got a call from Aaron’s dad while we were visiting the house and he accidentally spilled the beans about Amanda being in town for the surprise party. We headed for their house in Orem and stopped by Jersey Mike’s for sandwiches for the dinner party.

Being the non-family Baptist attendee of a Mormon surprise birthday party wasn’t as awkward as it sounds. Aaron’s family made me feel welcome in his childhood home and I had a good time. After dinner he showed me around the house and I got to see his old room from when he was 15.

I went out to the front porch to Skype with my family. I sent them the pic below of our Cadillac rental and the Audi that Aaron’s brother and father kept trying to sell me. After the call, I had some chocolate cake and then Aaron and I left to drive through Provo Canyon before the sun fully set.

We got back to our hotel around 9pm. I was tired, but ended up reading longer than intended and finished Wool by Hugh Howey. This is part of a series and I am interested in reading more, but will probably hold off a bit before continuing.

2017 Salt Lake City Trip – Day 2: The Surprise Mormon Birthday Party
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