It’s Not A Real Guys’ Weekend Until You Need To Repair Drywall

The Pits: We had been thinking of going to the Vanderbilt-Florida basketball game with the Guttings, but Turner was running a fever and wasn’t feeling well, so we skipped it.

The Peaks: Both boys had flag football practice this morning, and they both behaved while the other was practicing. We came home and had lunch and the boys played with Hector while I did some cleanup around the house from the tornado.

There happened to be a skateboard in the house–it was guys’ weekend, after all–and Weston made the mistake of rolling it hard across the floor and banging it into the wall of the bathroom, leaving a nasty dent in the drywall. +1 item added to my todo list.

We’d planned to go out for dinner tonight, but since Turner wasn’t feeling well and claimed he couldn’t taste any food, we decided to save eating out for tomorrow night instead and I fixed banana and chocolate chip waffles, scrambled eggs and bacon for dinner. Turner really enjoyed the meal, but oddly, Weston wasn’t a fan of the waffles so he filled up on eggs and bacon. I got a taste of what Traci normally has to deal with with cooking for the boys; an hour of cooking and cleanup for 10-15 minutes of eating and very little appreciation.

Before bedtime, I bathed Trek while the boys played the Juke’em basketball card game, then I put the boys to bed and I put another coat of plaster on the drywall dent.

It’s Not A Real Guys’ Weekend Until You Need To Repair Drywall

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