Who Called Whom?

Who Called Whom?

The Pits: It was chilly during Weston’s flag football practice tonight. Turner and I worked on some of the plays he’d learned at last night’s practice and threw the ball until all of our fingers turned blue and numb.

The Peaks: I knew my mom and sister were in Hawaii this week, so when she tried to Facetime me twice this morning I thought she might be trying to show me some beautiful scenery. The Facetime failed, so I just called her back and we chatted for a bit. Then chatted a bit longer. She and Boog were returning from a hike at Diamond Head. I kept waiting for her to get to the main point of why she called, but not in a bad way as we don’t have the opportunity to have thorough discussions with my mom without numerous disruptions (kids). She finally mentioned that it was nice that I called to talk to her and I reminded her that she had called me.

We both had a good chuckle at the fact that both of us had thought the other had called. At the end of the day, a 45 minute conversation with my mom was a big peak and the boys were jealous about it. Too bad, dudes.

I left work a little early to make it to Weston’s flag practice. Traci attended the Nolewood celebration at Mill Creek while I hung with the boys. When we got home, I got the boys in bed and tidied up a bit until Kim arrived. We chatted until we were too tired to chat more–my daily chat quota had long been exceeded at that point–and we wend to bed.

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