Presidents’ Day Porch Buddy

The Pits: On my morning run with Trek, I had to run around a car that was parked blocking the sidewalk and my foot landed awkwardly half off the sidewalk and I tweaked my ankle.

I had the day off for the holiday so I took the boys to Above All since I had a Groupon that expired this week. Apparently, so did everyone else in Williamson County. The 10am flight time was already sold out, so we booked the 11am time and then ran to Nordstrom Rack to return the shoes that Traci had bought for the boys but were too small. While we were there, we took a look at the shoes to see if there were any other ones that the boys liked. This was my second day in a row taking them shoe shopping. I will not do this anymore. They will go barefoot before I take them shoe shopping again. We returned the shoes and left empty handed.

After our 11am Above All time, we came home for lunch. Turner was still in a mood that we didn’t get new shoes at Nordstrom, then attention shifted to Weston for ripping up Turner’s photo of Khalid (Khaled?) because he was mad at Turner and Hector for something that had happened while they were playing.

The Peaks: I had a nice relaxing nap on the porch in the afternoon once Traci got home. I recalled a time when I overheard my dad giving advice to a family friend after they’d just had a baby, something to the effect of getting a dog because he’d need a buddy to hang out with on the porch. I thought it was amusing how dadvice that wasn’t even meant for me has turned out to still be relevant.

Traci and I enjoyed Walking Dead on the porch tonight after the boys were in bed. Watching this show on the porch decreases the likelihood of the boys sneaking down to watch on the stairs.

Presidents’ Day Porch Buddy

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