I Think You Are Whuz Up

The Pits: My morning apple snack got interrupted by 2 frustrating meetings. Then I had to stay late for another call about a related topic.

The Peaks: I came home today to find this letter from Turner. It turns out they had to fill in the hearts with the contents of the candy hearts that they pulled out of a box. That makes a little more sense of the nonsense.

New journal day! Yesterday, I finished up my Rhodia Unlimited notebook and today I’m starting on the Rhodia Webnotebook. Compared to the Unlimited’s 60 pages and thin card cover, the Webnotebook has 96 pages and a hardbound cover that makes it over twice as thick. I appreciated how easy it was to slide the Unlimited into my pocket and barely notice it. The Webnotebook will fit in my pocket, but it makes its presence known. But it seems to be more durable, which might be something I appreciate more over time.

I had an appointment with the eye doctor today and the weather was nice enough for me to ride my bike to their office. My prescription has changed slightly, but not enough to merit new lenses immediately.

I Think You Are Whuz Up
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