Celebrate V-Day By Marking Your Crack!

The Pits: Weston woke up at 5:30am excited that he’d lost a tooth. Spoiler alert: He didn’t go back to sleep. Last night, he’d gone to bed ill at me for hurting his tooth while brushing his teeth, but now he agrees that I helped that tooth come on out.

The boys and I took Trek for a walk and he had runny poop. When we came back home, Traci said he looked like he was about to puke. Sure enough, he ended up puking several times.

The Peaks: Traci had left some Valentine’s care packages out for the boys and they were excited to open them this morning.

I spent a good part of the day on craft stuff. First for a certificate from the tooth fairy for Weston losing his 6th tooth. Then I worked on a custom Boston Marathon bookmark for Traci, because there wasn’t much else I could think of to give her. I had to get the card printed off at FedEx Office, so I also made a bookmark for the boys and myself–a Save menu that reminds me of Final Fantasy video games. I’d seen this idea online awhile back and liked it. The front and back of each bookmark is pictured in today’s photo.

Today’s title is a throwback to when someone would sign my yearbook near the fold and say something witty about signing my crack.

Celebrate V-Day By Marking Your Crack!
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