Maxwax and the Unknown Church

The Pits: Some challenging calls at work today dealing with different personalities and attitudes. Managing computers is a lot simpler than managing peoples.

The Peaks: Today, I did what I should’ve done a week ago and tested out the stain on a piece of scrap wood. I used 2 different pieces, letting the stain sit on one for 5 minutes and the other for 15 minutes before wiping off the excess. The one with the longer exposure time is slightly darker, which is a better match for the colors of our outdoor area. According to Traci, anyways. I’m obviously color blind.

Tonight’s Scout meeting was at our new location at Holy Family Catholic Church. The lesson was suitably about our Family’s Duty to God. I was a bit surprised, and embarrassed, when Turner admitted he didn’t know the name of the church we went to.

Maxwax and the Unknown Church
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