Street Ballers

The Pits: There were only a handful of cars at Cars n’ Coffee. We didn’t stay long.

The Peaks: Both boys slept in Turner’s room last night and I woke up this morning to find them both sleeping in their sleeping bags on the floor. We made a quick trip to Cars n’ Coffee before heading to Turner’s basketball game. It was a pretty competitive game that went into overtime. Turner’s team won, but Turner complained that the ref’s whistle was bothering him. When it was his turn to throw in the ball, he’d hold his ears while the ref blew the whistle.

Weston’s basketball game was right after Turner’s, but his team got clobbered. Weston didn’t seem to notice or care and he assured us that he did a good job.

Traci had a belated holiday lunch with some of her girl friends. I ran behind the boys as they rode their electric scooters to the park. We threw football for awhile and then they got involved in a street basketball game with a few other kids from tha hood.

Traci had a farewell party for a friend who is moving to Switzerland. I took the boys to Target for them to pick out some cards (Turner got his first set of basketball cards, Weston went with Pokémon), then we went to Cool Springs Brewery (Ravioli’s) for dinner. We had a nice time looking at their new cards and watching the last quarter of the Atlanta v Seattle game, then we came home to watch New England v Houston.

Street Ballers
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