Driveway Dribblers

Driveway Dribblers

The Pits: Dragging a basketball goal with a base filled with water (and anti-freeze) through the grass isn’t fun.

The Peaks: I moved the basketball goal around to the front driveway so the boys could play while I got started drilling the pocket holes for our table top. Aside from them running out into the rode to retrieve their basketballs, it went well.

Weston was eager to help out with the drilling. I let him try a few and he did pretty good.

We were thankful that, on short notice, Boog was available to babysit the boys so that we could have a date night at Chef and I. I had the crispy chicken and Traci had the steak, then we split the new homemade pop tart for dessert. Boog ended up taking the boys to the Holiday Lights at Cheekwood.

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Brooke Boswelll

***Edit to the Entry*** Sister and Kiddos were out later than MOM and DAD!!!!


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