Let’s Try This Again…Well, That Silly Thing!!!

You may remember almost a year ago when I bought my very first Thermos E5 coffee thermos. I’ve been so happy with it and have had nothing but good experiences…until a few weeks ago.

Instead of explaining this in my typical fashion, allow me to paste the email I sent to the Thermos Customer Care Representatives today (Tuesday, August 26, 2008):

Dear Thermos Customer Service Representative,

In October of 2007, I purchased the Thermos E5 as my primary coffee thermos and used it nearly every day. I have recommended this product to many of my friends who have purchased the same model.

I cleaned my thermos each day according to the care instructions included with the product. A few weeks ago (in August 2008), I looked inside the thermos and noticed that a black film had accumulated around the upper half of the thermos. I used a bottle brush to try and get rid of this black tarnished film but was unable to remove it.

I figured that the thermos had served me well for nearly a year, and since I no longer had my receipt I discarded the thermos. This past Sunday, August 24, 2008, I went and purchased a new E5. I have included a scan of the receipt and warranty information included with the thermos.

Yesterday, on my way to work, I put the E5 in my backseat like I normally do. By the time I arrived to work, I found that the E5 had tipped over and it was slowly leaking coffee out onto my seat. Since this was the first time I’d used the new thermos, I assumed that maybe I had over-filled it with coffee or maybe I just didn’t didn’t tighten the lid tight enough.

Today, I made sure that the thermos wasn’t over-filled and I tightened the lid very securely. I was very frustrated to find that, like yesterday, the coffee had slowly leaked out in my backseat.

I never had a leakage problem with my original E5. I’m not sure if this unit has a manufacturing defect or what the case may be, but at this point I am very discouraged with this product. I have built up the Thermos E5 to my friends, family, and acquaintances that it has been the best coffee thermos I have ever used. However, these recent issues are causing me to second-guess my belief.

Is there any way that my current, leak-prone E5 can be replaced with a new, leakproof version? I appreciate your consideration.


Let’s Try This Again…Well, That Silly Thing!!!

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