Wii Phit

Today, my manager requested that I bring in my Wii because another co-worker had bought the Wii Fit game and she wanted to play it. So, I agreed to bring my Wii, the other co-worker agreed to bring the Wii Fit, and my manager agreed to buy pizza for everyone for lunch.

After lunch, we got our game on with the Wii. Aaron walked through the character setup to test his “Wii Fit Age”, which turned out to be lower than his actual age.

Oh, wait. No, I’m wrong. That “32” is the Wii’s answer to the question, “How many wives will Player 1 go through in his lifetime?”

Wii Phit

One thought on “Wii Phit

  • August 2, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    The fat guy has excellent body control . . yee ha


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