Today, I took Zeppelin to PetSmart to get groomed. The closest PetSmart is located in 100 Oaks Mall, which is undergoing a massive remodeling right now. Once I located the store, marked only by a small sign over the entrance into a long hallway made out of plywood and sheet metal, I pulled Zeppeling out of the car, trembling at the noise coming from the tools and trucks all around us.

The PetSmart people were not nice. One of the groomers was yelling at the dog she was grooming at the time because the dog was biting at her. The lone male there didn’t say anything, though I addressed him directly twice.

Worse than that, when I went to pick Zepp up at lunchtime, there was more yelling at fiesty dogs and then the dude that went to get Zepp from the back room brought him around the corner and yelled, “Is this Zeppelin?”

I paid and got the living f*ck out of there. We won’t be going to PetSh*t again.


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