What Condition Our Air Conditioner Was In

Yesterday, we came home from church to find that our thermostat didn’t have any numbers on it. Meaning it was broken. I checked the basics…made sure we hadn’t tripped a breaker, checked the breaker on the AC unit itself, checked to make sure no one had cracked open our AC unit to steal the copper, etc.

We ended up calling our AC guy, and when asked if they charged extra for having to come out on the weekend, he said, “Yessir. Quite a bit.” So, I just scheduled him to come this morning (Monday) instead.

Traci, Zepp, and myself toughed it through the night. We had the ceiling fan on and our separate fan, but it was still uncomfortably warm. And yes, Aaron, I’m aware that fans don’t actually make the room cooler…but it’s better than nothing when you have no AC and it’s 86 degrees in your house.

Our AC guy said he’d be here around 8:30-9am. He showed up at 10:45am; no apologies; no explanations. At this point, I don’t care. I just want my air conditioner fixed.

Traci and I were bracing ourselves for a multi-thousand dollar pricetag to get a brand new AC unit, but the guy said we just had a small freon leak that had caused water to pool up in system, which automatically shuts off if the water level gets to a certain point. He got the water cleaned up, the AC unit cleaned and re-freon’d, and signed us up for a bi-yearly maintenance plan, all for $320. That seemed like a much cheaper alternative to what we were expecting.

Thankfully, the air is back on and we’re back down to a comfortable 72 degrees.

For today’s picture, I had one of my flashes firing into the white exterior of our house to camera right. I had another flash behind the AC unit with a red gel on it firing into the back of the unit.

What Condition Our Air Conditioner Was In

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  • July 10, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    Thanks douche . . lived in South America for TWO YEARS without AC . .think I don’t know how a fan works . . butthole


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