As we return to Me Week, I don’t mind saying that as soon as I start getting confident in my photography skills, I’m immediately knocked on my amateur rear end again.

I read this post on Strobist.com where he talks about a technique I’d never thought of; purposely using an unconventional white balance setting, contrasted against a correctly balanced strobe, to create a cool effect.

For this shot, I set the camera’s white balance setting to tungsten which caused the ambient sunlight to be shifted to a blue tint.

I then slapped a CTO gel on the flash, which correctly balanced it with the tungsten setting. So, I’m correctly balanced while the sky behind me is shifted more blue than it was in real life. There’s even a natural rim light along the right side of my face and shoulders.

This photo was taken in the mid-afternoon sun, so I wasn’t able to be as flexible with the exposure, else I could’ve shifted the sky a deeper blue.


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