Holy Geez

I’ll be honest. I think I have a problem making decisions on certain purchases. Take this story, for example.

Traci and I have decided to start attending Sunday School again after a long 10+ year hiatus. After attending two classes I realized that there was something very important that I was missing; a bible.

Believe it or not, I’ve never purchased my own bible. I’ve either inherited one or been given one as a gift, but I’ve never put down any cash for one. I figured that, after 28 years of being a Christian, it was about time for me to take the plunge and buy my own copy of the good book.

My quest for the right bible began on Monday. Mark recommended the 21st Century Bookstore on 12th Ave. because that’s where he got his. He also mentioned that it’s difficult to find the right bible, but I disregarded that and went to 21st Century at lunchtime. I walked out with a nice compact bible that I was pleased with, NIV translation.

As soon as I got back to the office, I realized that I’d done no research on any of the translations, so I did a few queries with my friend Google. I quickly concluded that NIV was not the translation for me.

Being the purist that I am, I tended to favor ol’ King James. So, on Tuesday, I returned the NIV version in hopes that I’d find a similar KJV. No dice. I came home empty-handed.

Thursday came around and I made a trip to my friendly neighborhood Borders where I picked up a small pocket-version of the KJV. I started reading in it and found that the overall book size was way too small, and don’t even get me started on the text size.

With the intention of returning the small KJV, I went to Barnes and Noble on Friday night with Traci. Somehow, Traci convinced me that I needed a NIV. Traci was also in a hurry and I’d already spent way too much time looking through their available bibles, so I just bought a nearby NIV and hoped that that would be the end of it.

Saturday morning rolls around and here I am with a minuscule KJV and a mediocre NIV and none of them were just right for me. But, as I was reading back and forth between the two, I realized that I liked having two translations available, so I set out to return these two bibles and look for a nice parallel bible.

I’d considered getting a parallel bible before, but I’d never seen a leather-bound one. I went to Lifeway and found a decently-priced leather-bound parallel bible (KJV + NLT). Before I made my purchase, though, I went back to Borders and Barnes and Noble respectively to return the bibles I’d bought earlier in the week and to check out their stock of parallel bibles. I ended up returning to Lifeway and purchasing the parallel bible I’d seen earlier.

After I’d made my purchase, I realized that it wasn’t the red-letter edition. I returned to Lifeway yet again to swap it out for the bible you see pictured above. It’s virtually the same book, but it’s a red-letter edition and the cover is black bonded-leather, which I’m not particularly crazy about but I can deal with it.

I’m not really partial to the New Living Translation, but the main thing is that I have access to the KJV and can use the NLT to help understand the parts that aren’t very clear.

The cool thing is that I have KJV + NLT, Traci has the NIV, and our pastor uses the NRSV. So, it’s kinda cool to have access to four different translations come Sunday morning.

Holy Geez

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  • September 24, 2007 at 8:35 pm

    No Book of Mormon?


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