Foosball Toss

Foosball Toss

I believe this is the first time that I’ve used a vertical shot as the pic of the day. I asked Traci to throw the football up lightly, but she must’ve heard me say, “Launch the f*cker up in the air as high as you can!” So, I had to turn the camera vertically to get the ball in the picture.

I wanted to get this shot to use as an example for the Shooting in Shutter Priority Mode article. This shot was taken at a fast shutter speed (detailed in said article) to freeze the motion.

I actually had to shoot this in Manual mode. When I focused in on Traci, the camera saw the bright sky in the background and set the “correct” exposure based on that. Had I taken the picture at that moment, the sky would’ve been exposed properly, but Traci would’ve been dark (under-exposed). To remedy this, I pointed my camera at the ground next to Traci, set the camera mode to Manual and my shutter speed to 1/250 sec (I knew I needed this speed to freeze the ball in mid-air) and adjusted my aperture size until my camera told me that the exposure was correct.

When I turned the camera back on Traci, I knew that the sky would be over-exposed but she would be exposed correctly. We’ll be talking about this technique more in the photo blog, so don’t worry if you don’t understand this right now. We’ll get you there.



Is that a fake smile or do you really ENJOY throwing a football up in the air that much?


I do love football! I think I was just laughing at the fact that I was having my pic taken while throwing a football.


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