Always Wear Protection

Always Wear Protection

Since I’ve been working on this doghouse, which requires lots of sawing and hammering, I invested a couple of bucks into some ear plugs for myself.

When I joined my rock band back in High School, my mom took me to get custom earplugs that are molded to the inside of your ears. They work very well; almost too well. I can hardly hear anything out of them.

The main reason I got these is because they have a cord joining the two plugs, so I can remove them quickly if I need to and just leave them hanging. Otherwise, they are clearly inferior. Clearly.



I got some of these when I went to a monster truck rally several years ago.

In addition to the cord, they came with a carrying case.

They worked rather well, however, after leaving them in for awhile, they started to hurt a bit.. Do yours cause any discomfort?


Actually, these came with a case too. I didn’t mention that because, me being a case fan, I was afraid I’d get reprimanded for not including the case in the picture.

They can get a little uncomfortable, yes. Plus, these don’t slide in as easily as my custom-made ones do. These seem to cause more air pressure against my ear drum.

I’ve also found that if you walk quickly with these guys in, you’ll hear a little whirring/whishing sound.


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