Single Barrel Double Vision

Single Barrel Double Vision

I can’t find the link right now, but I saw a page listed on Digg that gave me the idea to do this. The basic idea is to take two pictures that are nearly identical except moving left or right just a smidge and then flipping back and forth between them. It’s supposed to give a pretty cool 3D effect. I think I moved a little too much to the right when I was taking the picture. Although, I think it looks pretty good for a first try.

Traci surprised me with this 750ml bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel whiskey. This stuff is amazing. I can’t drink whiskey straight (yet), but I can come pretty close with this stuff.

And just so you’ll know, this bottle will not be available at this Friday’s Gaming BBP.



That’s called Wiggle Stereoscopy.. it’s one of the simplest ways to view a stereograph because you don’t have to cross your eyes or use any special equipment. And yeah, you only need to move the camera a few inches.


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