Tonight, Traci and I braved Nolensville and headed to the new Walmart they just built. We knew it was gonna be bad, but it exceeded our expectations.

Before we got inside the store, we’d already heard tires screeching on one side of the parking lot and horns honking on the other side. It took us about 3 minutes after entering the store to find another white person.

It’s a creepy feeling to be the minority in your own country…especially in a well-known establishment that’s less than 3 miles from your home. I took this picture because it’s the first Walmart I can remember seeing where they had the Spanish word for the item. Although, in the case of this Walmart they had it all wrong. The English word should’ve been underneath the Spanish one. It was friggin’ ridiculous.

Oddly enough, soon after taking this picture I realized that they didn’t have my usual brand of rice.

What a waste.


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