Mr. Roof Complaints

Sep 11, 2009
Mr. Roof Complaints

This is certainly not something we expected to come home to after Mr. Roof put on our new roof. This was technically strike 2 against the company, and it was a huge strike 2.

The first strike came when they called us while we at Fall Creek Falls two weekends ago and told us that they were going to have to put in 30 new boards, which tacked on an extra $1,200 to the already large price tag. The thing that bugs me about this is that they didn't give us a heads up that this could be a possibility when they did the quote.

We approved the 30 boards, but when we arrived home they had left us an invoice that said they used 54 boards. +$1800. Nice.

Traci called her contact, Darryl Draper, and let him know that she was not happy with getting that kind of surprise on the invoice. After she hung up the phone, we noticed this large crack in our ceiling. Cue up Traci's Unpleasant Phone Call #2. Draper immediately assured Traci that they would take care of the ceiling crack.

All of this went down on Monday, September 31st. Draper called Traci back and lowered the charge per sheet of the wood, bringing it back down to around the $1,200 she was originally quoted on the phone. Traci spoke with Draper a few more times this week, most notably on Friday (Oct 4) morning to make sure that the gutter people were going to come on that day to install the gutters. Draper assured Traci that they would be there.

On Monday the 7th, we still had no gutters. The gutter guys simply didn't show up. Traci also had two phone calls to Draper that had not been returned. At this point, all she had to tell him was to cancel their gutter install because we had found someone else.

Between then and now, Traci has talked to a few different people at Mr. Roof, including a general manager. I don't get the feeling that they tried very hard to make Traci feel better about the situation. They took off a little money here and there, but overall it was just a bad experience. We understand that things can go wrong with things like this, but it's how you as a company respond to these things. Mr. Roof, in our opinion, did not respond in a good or professional manner.

We used another reference from Chris Canary to fix our ceiling and we couldn't have been happier with him. So, I have two good references for a gutter guy and a ceiling repair guy. I don't think I would ever be able to recommend Mr. Roof to anyone.

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# From 1800CALLMRROOF on Sep 22, 09 at 10:28 AM
They currently have an A+ rating at the BBB ( Did you consider filing a complaint with them, or threaten to file a complaint?
# From Traci on Sep 22, 09 at 7:05 PM
We did think about contacting the BBB but in the end they did attempt to fix the problems by decreasing our price a bit. My complaint is that they were not very professional or consistent. And the general manager was very rude.
# From melissa riley on Dec 6, 09 at 10:13 AM
My ceiling looks the same and I can not get a hold of no one I think the Indianapolis loaction is closed What do I do
# From Traci on Dec 6, 09 at 3:27 PM
I would consider contacting the Better Business Bureau or a corporate number for Mr. Roof. Good luck. Hope your experience is better than ours.
# From Steve Weyl on Mar 18, 10 at 3:25 PM
My name is Steve Weyl and I am the president of Mr Roof. This review did not show up recently and I just noticed it. It is not unusual to find deficient wood decking beneath the roofing shingles when we remove the roof. Every roofer deals with this situation and it is never easy to go back to the customer asking for reimbursement. In this case I was happy to see that a deep discount of $600 was given to the customer to pay for the ceiling ( the damage to the ceiling looks like drywall cracking due to vibration - very likely from nailing shingles, men walking on the roof, or new boards being installed ... another unfortunate thing that can happen on any roofing project, and typically we don't even know it is occuring ). Sorry about the gutter not being installed in a timely manner, this is not typical as we normally install all of our roofs in one day and even try to do gutters that same day or next.
I invite all calls and inquiries from Mr Roof customers. I can be reached at 1-800-4MR ROOF


Steve Weyl
President 1-800-4MR-ROOF
# From Bob and Sue of Westland on Jun 7, 10 at 9:21 AM
We spent almost $7,000 on a Thunderguard roof seven years ago. It comes with a 10-year warranty on water damage. I had damage over Memorial Day weekend due to a severe storm. When we called Mr. Rook - Jeff - he sent a young man out who basically said the damage was due to a siding problem. Mr. Roof will not cover any of the repairs even though it has been determined that the flashing was improperly installed and that the J channel was caulked at the roof line leaving the water no place to go but into our house. The damage was to a new ceiling and wall put up as part of a remodeling project which has been delayed for a week to make close to $3,000 in repairs. Mr. Roof may tout the wonders of Thunderguard, but it's obvious their warranty isn't worth crap. Why offer a warranty if you don't plan on standing behind it.
# From Tiny G on Jun 15, 10 at 4:53 PM
for the win
# From Adjuster on Jul 16, 10 at 7:01 PM
I am an independent adjuster in a certain area where Mr. Roof does a lot of business. I have found that Mr. Roof writes extremly high estimates in hopes of getting insured's to pay that price and state, "well this is how much insurance gave you, but we need this much." I had one sales rep send me an estimate w/ a 40 laminated shingle on the estimate and an insured called in just to make sure estimate was in line and insured had 20 year 3 tab shingles. Just a little bit more than a $6000 difference in estimates.
# From Robert on Nov 19, 10 at 10:24 AM
Mr. Roof did an excellent job with the roof. However, while they were installing the roof they dislodged a large cast iron pipe and it came crashing through the main floor bathroom. Now there is a huge hole in the ceiling and my 60 year old antique cast iron tub is broken beyond repair. I was assured by "Fred" that the repairs would be done quickly. We are going on three weeks and still no repairs as Mr. Roof will not accept any estimates they recieve...even from their own contractor they sent in. I am getting extremely frustrated and don't know where to go from here. I want my bathroom fixed a.s.a.p.!
# From Steve Weyl on Dec 7, 10 at 10:18 AM
Accidents will happen. In removing the roof there was a plumning pipe that had been disconnected in the attic for some time. The only thing really holidng this pipe to the roof was the tar applied years ago. When the roof was torn off the pipe "let go" and dropped through the ceiling of the bathroom below. This would have happened to every and any roofer. Mr Roof completed the repair at their own expense at a total cost of $4200. The homeowner is happy with the way we handled it. It just took some time to get estimates on all the proper repairs and scheduling.

Steve Weyl - president Mr Roof
# From sean on Jul 25, 11 at 6:29 PM
I don't recommend Mr. Roof unless you want to pay a lot of money , then get added more money for extra decking(like 30) after the install when the salesman said it would only be a couple and when you try to talk to someone about this issue nobody can be reached. Other than that i guess its ok.
# From Steve on Aug 11, 11 at 1:09 PM
I called for an estimate and was given a name and date for the estimator's appointment. No Show! So I called again and was given a new date and time. Again, No Show! Called a third time. A miracle, a guy showed. Not the person they said, but what the heck at least someone showed this time. I had questions and he said he'd call back. Never heard from them again. I'm now calling other roofers.
# From Sandra Brown on Aug 31, 11 at 1:08 PM
I am sorry I ready all this bad stuff as Mr. Roof will be installing my roof on Friday - I made it very clear that I could not afford to pay up front for more than four boards so I hope to God they don't go over that or we are going to have a discussion here! I was so hoping I hired the right crew, but now I am very nervous.
# From Marty G on Sep 22, 11 at 7:29 PM
I worked for Mr. Roof in Louisville KY, they are running a simple scam, they charge 50 percent more than most contractors and they DO NOT PAY EMPLOYEES. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM
# From Tony on Oct 8, 11 at 9:42 PM
Well maybe thats how they do it all in a day...rush through it...tearing up ceilings and dropping pipes through bathrooms...I think it would be better if maybe they slowed down and took care of peoples property better....I own a roofing company where most of my crew has been with me for years and I always tell them that quality is much better than speed...anybody can rush but you have to know what your doing to do it right...
# From Al Most on Oct 11, 11 at 6:59 PM
I am glad I looked before I leaped.Thanks for your comments because I work for living I can't afford a scam.It's amazing so many people do not realize one day they will screw the wrong person at the wrong time[needing a roof]and it will not be worth it!God Bless the working man
# From Mr. Roof Preys on Suckers on Oct 20, 11 at 8:29 AM
I have never heard of a single happy customer with Mr. Roof. They either paid too much, got a hack job or both. Then there are the roofers who are called in to repair Mr. Roof work and just can't believe the ways this company hires people who are incompetent. If you don't see the defects at the time of the install, you will eventually and the company just wears customers down when they complain by delaying, stalling and making excuses. Broken promises and surprise costs are their hallmark. The president of Mr Roof posts on here repeatedly that it could happen to any company but that's false and the response of a snake oil salesman. It does not happen to any company that knows what it's doing. It does happen with any company that hires people who don't know what they are doing. This is the nightmare company of roofing. The get a bad rap because they have earned it.
# From M. W on Oct 24, 11 at 4:03 PM
Don't waste your time with them. If you don't $8000.00 they won't even come out. If your in Detroit or boader Detroit forget about it. If your not rich or white don't even think about it.
# From Frank p. on Oct 29, 11 at 11:23 PM
I had anew roof installed by mr roof. I had a leak and it ruined my ceiling. They claimed it was a rubber part of my roof.i had an independent contractor inspect it and he found it was metal,not rubber.i contacted another roofing company.They said it was a subpar job and should have been fixed by mr roof! I called the BBB and got nothing but a runaround. I think mr roof pays the bills at BBB. I tried to go to small claims court, but they retained an attorney. I am disabled and had to drop the case. I Would Not let MR ROOF shingle a doghouse for me. The company,especially management, are terrible and unscrupulous.
# From Danita on Nov 15, 11 at 6:05 PM
I'm in the process of obtaining roofing estimates and the salesman who is providing the estimates is presenting Mr. Roof in a VERY arrogant fashion. I have yet to meet with him since was working ahead of schedule and didn't want to hang around Detroit (which I was somewhat offended by his comment). I was already having second thoughts about going with this company, now I'm thinking my decision has become that much easier after reading some of the posted comments.
# From Sonya on Jan 8, 12 at 2:17 PM
Mr. Roof did our roof 16 months ago with a "nice warranty". I immeadiatly noticed a puckered shingle at the edge of the roof; I called and they sent someone out the next day. They said that the paper under the shingles is heat activated; when it gets warm it will "spread out" and that shingle will lay down, Because we have so many trees, it may take 6 weeks or more for that to happen. 16 months later, that same shingle is still puckered and when I call they refer me to the same person and when I call him he ALWAYS says" I'm driving down the interstate at the moment, could you call back and leave your name and address on my voice mail and I will get back to you in an hour." I have done this 3 time and he nor anyone else has ever contacted us. I have talked 2 of my co-workers out of using Mr. Roof for the new roofs on their homes. I am not a satisfied customer of theirs. they will find any way, even ignoring you until you are tired of contacting them to not live up to the warraty you the customer was promised.
# From jacki h. on Mar 26, 12 at 1:55 PM
My husband did a job for Mr.Roof they still owe him money. they refuse to pay. The homeowner was very happy with his work. especially since he refused to cover up rotten wood on their roof like Mr.Roof told him to do.
# From I like to Slander on Apr 14, 12 at 1:46 PM
I just wanted to see how easy it was to possibly post a lie about a company if I happen to be their competitor, or an angry former employee...Kind of makes you wonder how much of this is truth and how much is just out of misplaced anger or poor ethics.

turns out it's pretty easy to post what ever you want
# From John Coumoundouros on Apr 17, 12 at 4:34 PM
I had my roof done by Mr. Roof several years ago. They stated that it was "guaranteed for life" just call and have it inspected so they could make any necessary repairs. I went to their web site and left a message requesting an inspection but never heard back. I was just going through their materials as I need some work done on my garage and noticed a paper tucked in the folder that tells me I have to send it registered mail after 5 years or the warranty is void. This is not someone I will ever do business with again.
# From Angela on May 21, 12 at 1:42 PM
Had them out this morning. Guy seemed nice enough. But I looked into the BBB and they say Mr Roof isn't accredited with them. So where the guy came up with the "A" rating I do not know. I will definitely be calling somebody else after reading these reviews.
# From Itzoh Eeezy on May 26, 12 at 12:03 PM
I called them to inspect my roof. They sent a 600 pound Sumu wrestler, who jumped up on to the roof without a ladder, and then descended into heaven. A magic cloud appeared over the roof, and it was instantly replaced.
# From michael Nance on Jun 18, 12 at 12:17 PM
I am currently haveing issues with Mr. Roof. They have redone my roof and a nail from the roof punctured my line for my AC. When I called my AC contractor I was given a quote to replace the R22 of $75 per lb at 4lbs needed and labor costs to replace the line and bleed the system properly of $1050 plus the cost of my initial repair visit $139. Mr Roof (The mentioned Jeff from other posts) was very unprofessional and when I spoke to him last Wed. he did not deny that it happened when they were working but said he was not sure if they were accountable. He told me he would get back with me "By Friday". On Sunday evening I got a call saying they were not sure if they were obligated but would like to offer me $300 for my inconvience toward the cost of the repair. My thinking is if they are obligated for the damage they caused they should accept responisbility in a timely manner and fix the repair, if they are not responsible they should have enough experience in the business to say so.
# From michael Nance on Jun 25, 12 at 2:11 PM
Mr Roof currently holds the line that my AC installer should not have put the line where they did so they are quietly sitting on the sideline. They have offered to speak to Home Depot team to assist in placing the blame.
# From michael Nance on Jun 25, 12 at 2:16 PM
I currently hold the line that one of 3 parties is to blame. 1) Mr Roof for putting a nail in a line that was 1 foot away from where it went up into the roof and 2 ft below where they had removed/replaced a board on the roof with a continual line running between the 2 pts. 2) Home Depot for installing the line with reach of a nail or 3) Me for hireing these 2 natinal/regional companies. Currently i just get everyone pointing their fingers at each other and not getting responses. When I asked Home Depot if my request for thier assistance in finding out which of the 3 situations this case falls into was reasonale the only answer they would give is we will be assigning your case to (in this case anthony who I have yet to hear from.
# From michael Nance on Jun 25, 12 at 2:23 PM
This does not trump the quote of the week which I got from MR Roof VP Robb Starr who called me and when I asked who was speaking told me "When you figure it out call me back." and hung up. After i figured it out and called him back he appologized and explained how he was trying to get in touch with one of his crews he was having trouble reaching...???... If this is how thier leadership follows up with their crews I kinda of undestand Jeffs comments from last week when he asked if I did any roof work and explained how they dont look down for Issues and if I ever did roof work I would undestand that. (well thats why I hired you buddy). Someone pointed out to me a GOOD contractor will note issues and avoid them while others will look to place blame. I am wondering which of these types of organization Rob and Jeff have created in Michigan and will post updates on my trials of getting my ac issue resolved.
# From Jaap Romers on Jul 1, 12 at 12:53 PM
Absolutely superb service and work. We just had our very complicated roof done with top rated materials and it looks beautiful. Crew was outstanding as well as the service from the sales contact before, during and after the project was completed.
They started the job with a down payment of only $500.00 and remainder payable after the job was completed to my satisfaction.
Great company, great service, thank you!
# From Jaap Romers on Jul 1, 12 at 12:55 PM
Absolutely superb service and work. We just had our very complicated roof done with top rated materials and it looks beautiful. Crew was outstanding as well as the service from the sales contact before, during and after the project was completed.
They started the job with a down payment of only $500.00 and remainder payable after the job was completed to my satisfaction.
Great company, great service, thank you!
# From michael Nance on Jul 2, 12 at 8:42 AM
On June 28th I spoke with Rob Starr and he offered to split the actual repair cost and pay $450 in customer satisfaction. For this I offered to sign a waiver of claim on any damage to the air conditioning line and was going to take up the rest of the issue with Home Depot who still has not gotten back with me. He was also going to see that someone would come out to the house to look over some 2 minor issues with the roof that had come up over the course of me having others people in the industry give input on how I should handle this situation. At the end of the conversation he asked if that would make me happy and my reply was that I would never be happy with the way I was treated and wouldnt recommend Jeff to do the roof of my dog house after the way he treated me. I still have an upper portion of my roof to do and was actually going to get MR ROOF to complete this as long as Jeff was not involved but thats another page that I hadnt gotten to speak of yet. Well today I get a letter saying that "In an act of good faith, we extended a courtesy offering of $300.00 in an attempt to alleviate any ill will that might be felt towards Mr. Roof. But after talking to you and you explaining you would not recommend Mr. Roof to anyone and wouldnt allow our production manager to roof your dog house. I feel we're never going to satisfy you and have withdrawn ths good will offer...... There is only one person above me in the company and I have copied him on this letter. So there is no reason to call the corporate offices, they are aware of the details of the situation. We have no hard feelings and if at any time you have any future roofing concerns, please don't hesitate to call us" all I can say is WOW.
# From Michael Nance on Jul 2, 12 at 12:59 PM
The actual letter I was sent I will type below. I have just received contact from home depot and the conversations I have just had with Mr. Roof were a mockery to say the least .... here is the entire letter I was sent .. I will do an additional post below to refute the letter line by line.

Dear Mr. Nance
Mr. Roof is the largest residental roofing comapny in America: because we take pride in the work we do and bend over backwards to please our customers.

That being said, unforseen problems are never a pleasant thing. Mr. Roof stands behind any concerns that arise due to our negligence. Mr. Roof uses 1 1/4" roofing nails, a standard sized nail used by many roofing companies that should never hit anything. Installing anything on the surface of the roof deck assumes the shingles will last forever, which is as silly as putting a wire behind a door that opens. It is our understanding that Andy's Statewide Heating and Cooling has repaired and moved the air-conditioning lines away from the surface of the roof for $695.00 and a claim has been placed thru Home Depot to cover this repair. To reiterate Mr. Roof was not nigligent and assumes no liability.

On the contract, under the added information it is noted that during the roof installation we would (as a No-charge-Courtesy) examine the flashing on the area in question to see if we could help. The installer examined the flashing that was installed improperly by a previous installer and determined the reason it was leaking was due to improper installation. The installer determined the only way to fix this issue was to tear up the entire area and redo it correctly. This was satisfactory to you at the time and is the reason why you signed the letter of completion teh day after the install. As a courtesy we tried to send out another installer to get a second opinion as to the ability to stop water penetration. This second installer was 10-15 minutes away from your home when he called you and you turned him away so you could go back to sleep.

In an act of good faith, we extended a courtesy offering of $300.oo in an attempt to alleviate any ill will that might be felt towards Mr. Roof. But after talking to you and you explaining you would not recommend Mr. Roof to anyone and wouldnt allow our production manager to roof your dog house. I feel we're never going to satisfy you and have wrthdrawn this good will offer.

If you feel that Mr. Roff is negligent. Per the agreement we both entered into any disputes you feel we did may be submitted to binding mediation and arbitration.

There is only one person above me in my company and I have copied him on this letter. So there is no reason to call the corporate offices, they are aware of the details of the situation.

We have no hard feelings and if at any time you have any future roofng concerns, please don't hesitate to call us.
Robert Starr
Mr. Roof

CC Paul Demboski, President Mr. Roof
# From Michael Nance on Jul 2, 12 at 1:06 PM
Paragraph 1:

Mr Roof is the largest residential roofing company in America. (But if you call and ask for their corporate office they will only send an email to the appropriate local office and I was not able to find a local office who had a corporate number you could call for a complaint. I was told Robert runs the Michigan area and they have a longstaning relationship with his good work. But he does not appear to be the number 2 person in the American Roofing company but the number 1 peson in Michigan. They seem to advertise as national but refer all problems to local without any corporate guidance, this was a concern from somebody else above, if anyone has any other findings please feel free to post.)
# From Michael Nance on Jul 2, 12 at 1:14 PM
paragraph 2:

1) Its good to know thier roofing nails should never hit anything. I just wonder how they get them to stick in the deck without hitting it?
2) Insatlling anthing on the surface of the roof deck assumes the shingles will last forever, which is as silly as putting a wire behind a door that opens. ---- Have you ever seen a wire used to hold a door open? Silly isnt it? And somehow that is without the assumption that anything will last forever.

3) Yes Andys Statewide Heating and Cooling has completed the repair and it ran $880 and Rob had been given these totals (180 for inital service call and 695 for the repair) and yes the claim with Home Depot is still pending and was placed with Robs direction on how to handle the problem.

4) To reiterat Mr. Roof was not negligent and assumes no liability. (Where was the original denial of negligance and how can you reiterate something that wasnt stated yet??
# From Michael Nance on Jul 2, 12 at 1:26 PM
Paragraph 3:

1) it is noted that we would (as a no-charge-courtesy) examine the flashing on the area in question to see if we could help. ***** what is says in exact words "Crew will try to flash chimney where it meets the metal roof on the porch" **** to me this states they will use flashing material to try to stop a waterflow to this area.. they claim that ment they would look at it and decide if they were going to do anything to that are.

2) The installer examined the flashing and determined an improper installition. The installer determined that the only way to fix this was to tear up the area and redo. This was satisfactory to you at the time.???? It was not conveyed to me till June 28th in this letter!!!!
3) This was satisfactory to you at the time and the reason why you signed the completion certificate the day after the install. (to my recollection the only piece I signed after the install was the next week and that was to assure the 18 month finiancing was put in place and that also served as a checkoff) If you have a piece of information with my name on it dated the next day please post.. after blacking out personal information that may get you involved in a personal information act lawsuit.
4) We tried to send out a 2nd installer and you turned him away so you could go back to sleep. *** Yep *** He called without notice at 2pm the day after I spoke with Rob and he had hung up on me (see June25) when he was aware I worked a graveyard shift. This was 5 hrs before I worked and 2 hrs after I had gone to bed. I told him I was available in the mornings and he would need to come at another time. He showed up the next day at 11am again without notice. If they had communicated I would have made a point to have been available.
# From Michael Nance on Jul 2, 12 at 1:29 PM
Paragraph 4)

See 8:42am post....
# From Michael Nance on Jul 2, 12 at 1:42 PM
Paragraph 6:

Thre is only one person above me in the company and I have copied him on this letter. So thre is no reason to call the corporate offices, they are awae of the details of the situation.

****** WOW ******* ONLY 1 person above and I have coppied him... yet THEY in the corporate offices are aware. **** When I got ahold of what i could best determine as a corporate office they had to ask who Robert had listed as his superior before they could direct me to Paul Demboski... The reciptionist I spoke with said Paul was the person I would need to speak to with a problem in Michigan but when I asked who I could speak with about a concern the put me on hold till they could get my information before choosing who to send me to? Try calling them in Hermitage, TN which is where i find a better business review and a yellowpages listing for what is called the Nashville corp ofc of Mr. Roof 615-208-5500 but I couldnt get them to answer as a headquartes and when I asked what their headquarters number is they could just say 18004mrroof. Which sends you to the local area. Try contacting thier HQ and if your successfull then have comfort that your dealing with a company that portrays themselves as the largest residential roofing company. At that point you should be secure in the fact your dealing with a big boy. I just hope you have better luck then me.
# From michael nance on Jul 2, 12 at 1:47 PM
Here is my email address - it is an account I rarely use but if you put in the subject line "WoW Mr. Roof" I will read and reply with the most accurate information I can give. I dont beleive in hiding behind posts on the internet so ill give my address. My communication has been as accurate as possible and there should be a clear line between what I have posted as fact and where I added my opinion .. please follow up with the information I have given and make an educated purchasing decision.
# From michael nance on Jul 2, 12 at 7:29 PM
As you can see its been a long day. Ive had more than 30 phone calls between Mr Roof and Home Depot today. Home Depot has my claim in processing (Im not sure what the outcome will be but I've at least spoken to humans and have contact numbers). With Mr. Roof I have spoken with those whom appear to be from their home office whom have refered me back to Robb Starr in Michigan. In my last conversation with Rob he accused me of trying to extort money from him and said they stand behind the letter sent above. This was after Paul Demboski had told me to call Rob back to go over the issues with him. At that point Rob was no longer willing to even send out a person to look at the portion of the job I claimed was not completed in Paragraph 3 (see post at 1:26pm). I had asked Paul to 3 way call with Rob because I felt that his responses were not matching with the information that Paul was getting. He has yet to do this but I did get a call back from Rob Starrs executive assistant who said they would send someone out to look at the issue and they would set up an appointment so I would know when they were coming. I was very apprehensive to even allow this but feel it would be wrong of me not to allow them to fill what I am seeing as their contractual obligation to complete the job. I have no idea where Rob came up with the inclination that I am trying to extort money from them as I have never asked for one penny more than the cost of the repair that needed. Today has been pure hell and a waste of my time but I feel like I am finally getting the sides to give answers. I will post it here if by any means I receive one penny more than the cost of the repair I will make sure it is donated to the Rainbow Connection which is a michigan charity to provide Dreams to children with terminal illness. If either Home Depot or Mr. Roof wish to settle I will provide documentaion to either organization that I will show I have no means of profiting from this and any money will pay the actual bill or goto a worthy organization. I am just so reluctant to beleive that the end of this is near but I dont have the energy to have many days like this to complete a resolution.
# From michael nance on Jul 2, 12 at 7:34 PM
clarification .. If i receive one penny more than the acutal repair cost I will assure that money is properly donated. I will be doing charity work for the Rainbow Connection this fall reguardless of the outcome.
# From John on Aug 8, 12 at 9:09 PM
My Dad had Mr. Roof replace his roof and awning after hail damage earlier in the year. He has been battling over the office on monies owed to him. The insurance company wrote a check out to my Dad, the bank and Mr. Roof. Mr Roof required the entire check and then they would refund my Dad the difference of the work that they were not going to complete(my Dad was doing some of it). He's had a heck of a time getting his funding. He has about $1039 coming and when he calls them the girl in the office states he only will be getting a check for $200 or so which is not correct. Dad has to call Dave who did the quoting and work etc who in turn has to call the office. This has been ridiculous. They then send him a check for $700 something which still isn't right. They wanted theirs up front but sure are not in a hurry to give him what they owe him. BBB and the local TV station will be hearing about this soon if it isn't resolved this week.
# From Joe on Aug 8, 12 at 11:48 PM
A bunch of lying crooks. They will not repair my roof and the mold is so bad I may have to move out. They skirted the city and did not pull permits so their shoddy workmanship will not be repaired because I demanded they go to city first but they will not. The old owner lives in a 7500 sq. foot house in saline and has been convicted of lying on his tax returns and insurance fraud. Living the dream on the backs of unsuspecting consumers.
# From William L Hall on Aug 29, 12 at 3:21 PM
Mr Roof... I can't believe I fell into this trap. I was carefull yet here I am. Don't do it. Please
# From William L Hall on Aug 29, 12 at 4:16 PM
Don’t Hire Mr. Roof. The positive responses from Steve Weyl are more than likely an online damage control Company. I have not confirmed this yet but soon will. The internet has unleashed the opinions of average people like you & I. Think about it I have been to 4 or 5 complaint sites about MR. Roof & Steve Weyl has posted to all of them. yea right! Anything to keep the money flowing right Steve. Trust me the best thing is not hire this franchise feeding frenzy. The company that is responsible for this mess is Able Roofing. Columbus, Ohio as best I can tell so far. I’m having to pay an Attorney because I refuse to let them walk with a bag of my money & not do the work I was promised. I will be adding to this later as I need to. If you have hired MR. Roof you will understand.
# From Ana Turrill on Nov 11, 12 at 1:19 PM
I called Mr. Roof on Oct 28,2012. The conversation I had with appt. scheduler should have given me some indication on how things were going to go. She was rude and acted as if I was bothering her about my roof leak. But I made an appointment anyway. She said someone would be out on Monday afternoon Oct. 29, 2012 at 5pm, so I waited and noone showed up. It rained for the next couple of days and still none showed or called me to reschedule.So this morning I got on the internet and found e-local to find a roofer. I typed in my information and when I clicked submit and my information was sent to several different companies. I was surprised when I got a call so quickly. A gentleman from TCS named James Fineman was out here the same day and took care of my roof and my repair. he was professional, honest, and fair. I will be calling Tennessee Contracting Services for any of my home repair needs in the future.
# From Concerned Consumer on Jan 24, 13 at 7:04 PM
Mr. Steve Weyl needs to be proactive vs reactive! Instead of fielding consumer complaints with an alert on the BBB; he needs to be holding his business owners/employees accountable and responsible for their actions. Integrity is the best policy! Show more of that quality in your day-to-day business practices and hence less complaints! Dah......

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