Dropbox – This is a basic necessity now, regardless of what device I’m using. It keeps my files in sync regardless of which device I’m using.

Scrivener – I started using Scrivener while writing The Century Cube, and I love it. The way it allows me to organize my writing files just makes more sense to my brain, and the fact that I can use it on mobile devices makes it even more invaluable.

The app requires a bit of a learning curve to learn, but once you’ve got it just makes sense. I sync my writing files with Dropbox, which makes it easier to access them from anywhere.

Evernote – Similar to Dropbox, this is a basic essential now. It helps organize nearly all elements in my life.

Divvy – I work primarily on Mac computers, and this is one of the first applications I install when I setup a new machine. It allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to move Finder windows to certain positions and sizes on the screen. I’ve heard of a free alternative called Spectacle, but I have not used it so cannot vouch for it.

Five Minute Journal app (based on the physical Five Minute Journal) – I do this 5 minute practice first thing in the morning, before I being writing. I got the app simply because I feared I would skip the practice if I didn’t have the physical journal with me.

Pro Writing Aid – Aside from working with an editor for The Century Cube, this app has been the most helpful resource for identifying the areas of improvement in my writing. It works great with my Scrivener files along with other applications. Try out the free web editor and see for yourself.

Be Focused Pro – Based on the Pomodoro Technique, this is a handy app that helps you focus by breaking up your tasks into discrete intervals, with short breaks between. I don’t use this every day, but when I’m distracted or unfocused and need help finding my groove, this is what I use. I recommend trying out the free version first, Be Focused.

Audio Apps: Audible for listening to audiobooks via Audible, or I use Overcast if I’m in the mood to listen to podcasts.

Flux – Adjusts the color temperature of your screen depending on the time of day. It’s a great app for those who work on computers early in the morning and/or late at night. They support a lot of research on the effects of light color on the human brain. Very interesting stuff, and I’ve found it to be very helpful.

Runtastic Pull-ups Pro Trainer – I started using this app to increase my pull-ups. It’s gotten me on a schedule and makes it easier to track the reps. It’s not perfect at detecting each rep as I do them, but part of the fun is waving my phone around after the set to get it to count the rep.

Got an app to recommend? Let me know @bo_boswell.