Who Moved My Dog Bowl?

The Pits: School was called off for tomorrow due to snow.

The Peaks: We hired a local Nolensville acquaintance, Jesus (pronounced Hey-Zeus) to install our new kitchen desk. I’d considered doing it, but I knew it’d take me a lot longer, I have zero experience installing cabinets, and we were just ready to get it done. Plus, Jesus quoted an affordable price, then charged us even less.

I’d put Trek outside while Jesus was looking at the project, and by the time I let Trek in I’d already moved his bowl to a new location. When he came inside, he wasn’t thrilled to find his food had been moved.

I took the boys to see Jumanji in the afternoon. We went to the AMC theater in Antioch, simply because it was cheaper. And it’s pretty clear why–that theater is struggling.

It was actually warm enough outside to throw some football around with the boys. Then we played dominos while Jesus finished up the desk install, then we had family reading time before bed. Overall, it was a nice holiday.

Who Moved My Dog Bowl?

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