Football-Watchin’ Weather

The Pits: We went to Le Peep for breakfast, but by the time our food was finally served to us, it was more like brunch. We all agreed that blunch was a better word than brunch. The restaurant took half off our bill for our long wait, so that was nice.

The Peaks: We made an early trip to Percy Warner Park and the boys and I hiked the white trail while Traci did a longer trail run with Taylor Jamieson. On our hike, the boys didn’t complain in the same way that mosquito bites don’t itch.

I managed to get some rest on the couch on the porch while Traci and Turner argued over Turner not wanting to do his homework. We had a nice homemade chili dinner on the porch, then we threw football while watching a bit of the UT game.

Football-Watchin’ Weather
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