In the Middle with VU

The Pits: Had to replace the electric igniter for our grill, which was more a nuisance than it should’ve been. Removed Instagram from Turner’s phone when it wasn’t even installed for 24 hours, then removed his phone from his possession. He’s been rather selfish and aggravating lately and we’re positive that the phone is not improving his attitude.

The Peaks: We had a nice visit with Kim, who was in town to run twenty-miles with some NRCers. We took a quick pic as she was heading home and as we were heading to Murfreesboro to meet Amy and Katie at Jonathan’s for dinner before the Vandy v MTSU game.

We had a fun time at the game and the kids did pretty good. The game itself wasn’t as exciting as we’d hoped, but we (at least Traci and I) were happy for a Vandy win. The MTSU fans sitting around us weren’t as enthusiastic about Vandy’s touchdowns as Traci was, and she received some pretty mean looks as she bounced and cheered. I was glad to leave the game without getting into a fight.

In the Middle with VU
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