All Pro Marshmallows

The Pits: I didn’t realize that the cafeteria would be open for breakfast for the All Pro Dads meeting, so the boys were upset that I’d fed them beforehand and they didn’t get to eat with their friends.

The Peaks: The boys and I attended our first All Pro Dads meeting at Sunset this morning. It was a positive experience, except for the Pit about missing the school’s breakfast. I assured them that, for the next meeting, we will plan to eat there.

The main topic was about patience, temptation and delayed gratification. They showed The Marshmallow Experiment video, which the kids got a kick out of. But the boys didn’t learn anything else because they were so focused on what the leader said at the beginning, that everyone would be getting a marshmallow at the end of the meeting.

All Pro Marshmallows
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