Behind The Iron Curtain

The Pits: The boys lost their first flag football game against the Falcons. They were ahead through most of the game, but in the 3rd quarter, a few poor passes from the coach’s son resulted in interceptions and the Falcons took over. I think the parents were more disappointed than the kids.

The boys played with Hector and another boy (who shall not be named, but his name starts with an L and rhymes with pukas) and they got in trouble for digging holes in the backyard. And for riding scooters on the road. And for stealing my tools and using them to bang on fossils (rocks).

Traci has been wanting to go to Bobby’s Dairy Dip, but because of the boys’ bad behavior, we couldn’t justify rewarding them with ice cream, and we didn’t feel right about going to Bobby’s and making them watch us eat ice cream while they sit there pouting. So, we just didn’t go.

The Peaks: I suppose it’s positive that the boys did have a good bit of fun today, but, honestly, good heavens, this was a rough parenting day.

Behind The Iron Curtain
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