The Clipse!

The Pits: Within 2 seconds of the “first contact” of the eclipse, a huge cloud obscured the sky. Fortunately, it didn’t last long and the remainder of the eclipse was rather clear.

The Peaks: I worked from home today because of the eclipse. I decided to check out the boys from school early and head up to the Smyrna Parks & Rec, where they were having an eclipse viewing party. I’d considered watching from Owl Creek park near our home, but I could improve the time in totality from 59 seconds to 1 minute, 39 seconds. I downloaded the Solar Eclipse Timer app, as mentioned in this Smarter Every Day video, and it was handy for timing out the important parts and prompting when to observe certain effects.

We found a spot in the shade and setup camp. We had a picnic lunch and threw football while we wanted on the astronomical significance to take shape.

The crowd around us was nice and generous. One family shared some large filters that could be held over iPhones to get a better pic. I rigged up the filter over my Canon to get better zoomage.

As the totality grew closer, we enjoyed checking out the different lighting and temperature effects.

The totality finally came, and I don’t think the boys were prepared for how cool it was. Weston said, “Ohh… OHHHH!” Turner started recording a vlog telling his fans how awesome the eclipse was. After the sun came back out, we got loaded up and headed home. I fired off a few photos, below. Fortunately, we were able to avoid traffic and get home quickly. All in all, it was an awesome experience and I was glad I was able to experience it with the boys.

The Clipse!
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