Another Day in Bowling Green

The Pits: Spent the morning replacing our kitchen sink, but we’re happy with the results.

The Peaks: We had planned to go to the pool today, but the boys were more interested in going to the Corvette Museum. I’d only mentioned this because I happened to notice the last time we went was one year ago today.

I packed a picnic lunch and we headed to Bowling Green. We ate at a shaded bench in back of the museum, then went on the tour.

The boys did better in the museum than they’ve done in the past, and showed more interest in the actual cars and exhibits. I was glad to see that they are apparently starting work on rebuilding one of the cars damaged in the sinkhole collapse a few years ago.

The rest of the tour went smoothly and we were able to get through the gift shop without having to purchase any overpriced cars.

Before leaving, we attempted to remake the photo from last year’s visit.

Before heading home, we stopped by PopWorks for a popsicle. The boys enjoyed their cookies n’ cream sicles (Weston ate all of his this year, but complained halfway through of a tummy ache). I had the Raspberry Basil. Good stuff.

It wasn’t too hot outside, which gave us a nice ride home in my non-air conditioned ride. I finished listening to All You Need Is Kill, by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. This is the book that the movie, The Edge of Tomorrow, is based on. However, I must say that I enjoyed the movie more than the book.

Another Day in Bowling Green
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