The Pits: Got some mosquito bites this morning as Traci and I put in some new mulch in our front and back yard. This was part of her birthday gift to me, as I have previously complained that I never get any help with yard/landscaping work for our household. We both woke up early and pulled weeds and put out new mulch before the day got too hot.

The Peaks: The boys sang to me first thing and presented their gifts to me–two golf balls they’d found at Rec Center camp. Hopefully, I’ll get to use them soon. They also made up a scavenger hunt for me to do, which led me to a set of Hot Wheels cars they’d selected from their own inventories. Turner had also done a separate scavenger hunt for Weston, but he did his hunt ahead of time and I never found out what the reward was.

In the afternoon, I replaced the 1/8″ jack on a set of headphones and got to use my Helping Hands tool to help hold the jack in place as I soldered it. Fortunately, I didn’t mess anything up or burn anything down, and the headphones are now working fine.

We’d planned to go to Bobby’s Diary Dip for ice cream this afternoon, but we realized that they’re closed on Sunday, for some reason. Instead, we went to Sweet Cece’s in Cool Springs, after doing some clothes shopping at Old Navy. It was a fine treat, and then the family sang to me again as I was presented with a piece of homemade brussels sprout pizza with a candle in it. Overall, it was a very nice birthday weekend.

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