Prime R

The Pits: When Traci picked up the boys from zoo camp, it came to light that Weston had an erection. He said it happens when he sees cute girls in tights. He and Weston were trying to figure out what it’s called, and said they thought it started with an “R.” They were informed that “erection” started with E and that they needed to consult me about that.

The Peaks: Today was Amazon Prime day. I found a couple of good deals for Weston’s upcoming birthday, but that’s about it.

Turner and Weston went to Above All to celebrate Hector’s birthday. Above All apparently requires you to wear their specialized socks now,
which is fine with me–hundreds of kids jumping around barefoot just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Traci and I were able to have a nice, quiet dinner together at home, then take a walk with Trek. It was nice for a change.

Prime R

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