Seaside Trip 2017 – Day 5:  Sitters

The Pits: We were a little concerned with how much sun the kids had gotten, so we took our time with breakfast and heading out to the pool.

The Peaks: After hanging at the pool for the morning, Traci walked to Cowgirl Kitchen to get us a couple of Turkey BLTs with avocado. I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the boys. We had lunch inside, then I rode my bike to Publix to pick up some groceries for our evening cookout.

We’d arranged a date night swap with the Tateuchis so we could each have a dinner date out without the kids. We opted to keep the kids first. They dropped off Yui and Lisa around 4:50pm and went do have dinner at Cafe 30A. The kids did pretty good. Weston and I played Candyland with Lisa (when we could get her to stop watching The Bee Movie long enough to take her turn) while Turner and Yui played Battleship. Traci grilled us up some hot dogs, burgers and turkey burgers and we ate by the pool, then chilled out while the kids swam and raced cars.

Today’s Japanese word: Onegai (on-ah-guy), shortened form of onegaishimasu – Please.

For some reason, I imagine this word will be easy for Boog to remember.

Seaside Trip 2017 – Day 5: Sitters
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