Seaside Trip 2017 – Day 4: The Fourth was With Us

Pits: Traci got some pretty nasty bug bites on her legs while we were hanging out at the pool.
She didn’t sleep well and her tossing and turning and scratching affected my sleep as well.

Peaks: We were up early to ride our bikes to the Seaside square for the July 4th Parade on 30A. We got breakfast sandwiches from Meltdown on 30A. Traci got the Pimento Cheese biscuit and I got the Smokin’ Turkey. They were both really good and probably one of our favorite breakfast spots. The downfall is that we had to eat on the front steps of the post office because it was crowded and hot. If it had been a better dining experience, we would’ve ranked this much higher. But, based on the food alone, it was actually really good.

We watched the parade, which was basically people driving by in decorated cars and throwing out cheap stuff. The boys had their pockets crammed full of candy and beads and cheap toys.

We pedaled back to the bungalow and spent the afternoon at the pool. The Tateuchis went out to explore the area, so this was our first real time to hang out as just our family. Of course, Turner immediately missed Yui, and decided he wanted to go inside and play on his Kindle. I sat inside with him while Traci sat out at the pool while Weston swam, then we swapped when she came in to fix lunch. We ate Lady K’s pasta dish (my least favorite Lady K meal, mostly because of the mushrooms) by the pool.

The kids were a little red from the sun, so we met up with the Tateuchis at the New Vision Boulevard 10 movie theater in Miramar Beach to watch Cars 3, which we all enjoyed. We had dinner on the rooftop at Whiskey Bravo. I had the BBQ Salmon and Traci had the Local Grouper. Both plates were good, but the Grouper was probably the winner.

We went back to the bungalow to hang at the pool until sunset, when it was time to head to the beach to watch the fireworks. We had a great time and the breeze felt awesome coming off the ocean. We looked for crabs and let the kids burn sparklers, then headed to bed.

Today, I started listing out the Japanese words I’d learned and added some more:

  • Ohayo (oh-high-yo) – Good morning
  • Oyasumi (oh-yah-sue-me) – Good night
  • Hashiranai (hosh-ee-run-eye) – Don’t run
  • Kanpai (con-pie) – Cheers
  • Kon’nichiwa (con-itchy-wah) – Hello
  • Sayonara (sigh-oh-nar-ah) – Goodbye
  • Domo arigato (dome-oh are-ig-got-oh) – Thank you

Seaside Trip 2017 – Day 4: The Fourth was With Us
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