Seaside Trip 2017 – Day 3: Beach to the Max

The Pits: The beach seating game was more challenging today and our spot wasn’t as good as it was yesterday.

The Peaks: The kids were up early, but we took our time getting down to the beach.
Weston started complaining about his face and eyes burning, so I brought him up back up to the bungalow around 10am. We hung out by the pool, and Weston got invited to be in another family’s group photo.

The rest of our gang came up around 11:30am and we had lunch around noon. Today’s lunch was the Lady K’s Kitchen flatbreads.

We spent the afternoon by the pool, then we biked to the Seaside square to have dinner at The Great Southern Cafe. I got the Mahi sandwich and Traci got the BBQ sandwich, which was the winner. The grits are a great side item and better than the fries, in my opinion. It was here that I learned my Japanese word of the day: Kanpai (con-pie) – Cheers!

There was supposed to be a Pinocchio play at the Seaside square, which was another reason we’d gone there, but it apparently didn’t happen. There was an small symphony concert setting up, but the kids weren’t interested in hanging around for that. We played football a little bit in the square’s courtyard, then grabbed some ice cream from the Gelato place, then headed back to the condo to hang out at the pool for a bit.

We saw a dog wandering loose around the bungalows. It came to us and we called the number on its collar. We learned that the dog’s name was Max, and the guy who answered lived in Texas and was the ex-husband of the lady that owned him. The owner lady had lived at the bungalows previously, but had recently moved, but had come back to get some stuff. It turned out to be more confusing and elaborate than one would expect. Then Traci and the Tateuchis started trying to convince me that Max deserved a better life and that we should take him home. That didn’t happen. The owner lady showed up, let Max drink out of the pool, then vanished from our lives forever.

Seaside Trip 2017 – Day 3: Beach to the Max
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