Seaside Trip 2017 – Day 2: Hashiranai

The Pits: The boys were mad that we limited the number of cars they could take with us to eat.

The Peaks: Traci and Nina were up early to take our chairs down to the beach to reserve us a spot. I had to wake up the boys at 7:30am, they were evidently tired from staying up late to play in the pool.

We hit the beach around 8am and ended up staying until 11:30. The kids played well together and played in the sand and in the water on their boogie boards. We came back to our room to have lunch by the pool. We’d brought some pre-made meals that Traci gets from a friend (Lady K’s Kitchen) and had pinto bean casserole, which was enough to split with both families.

We spent the afternoon by the pool. The boys went back and forth between the pool and racing cars on the track that Turner had brought down. We had dinner at Chiringo. Their market fish was red snapper, so Traci got the red snapper sandwich and I got the red snapper quinoa bowl. This ended up being my second favorite meal of the entire trip, but Traci wasn’t as easily impressed and didn’t feel it was as good a value as some of our other meals.

If you recall our first trip to Chiringo, I had surprised the boys with new Hot Wheels cars, but I’d made the mistake of getting 2 different models and they spent the next few days fighting over the Aston Martin DBS. This year, I pressed my luck and presented them with new Hot Wheels cars yet again, but this time they were the same model: a Corvette Grand Sport. They didn’t fight over the cars this time, but they still had bad attitudes.

After dinner, we came back to the Bungalows and spent the rest of the evening poolside while the kids swam, raced more cars, and tried to stay on the inflatable whale float someone had left in the pool.

I’ve been learning a few Japanese words with the assistance of Tomo and Nina. Here are the words for today:

  • Ohayo (oh-high-yo) – Good morning
  • Oyasumi (oh-yah-sue-me) – Good night
  • Hashiranai (hosh-ee-run-eye) – Don’t run

Seaside Trip 2017 – Day 2: Hashiranai
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