Father’s Saturday

The Pits: Nah.

The Peaks: Up early for Traci and the boys to participate in the Nolensville 5k. Traci won first in her age group and both boys finished the 5k in the top 5.

In the afternoon, we took the boys to the rec center. On the 1st and 3rd Saturdays, they drop the basketball goals for a few hours, so we took advantage of that. We came home and had “family quiet time,” complete with a note over our doorbell to keep our neighbor kid from messing up our naps.

Traci and I had a date night to celebrate Father’s Day. Julia, a new babysitter, came and watched the boys while we went to Saint Anejo. I had the hot chicken tacos, which were good and spicy, but Traci got one of the burritos which was the better choice.

We had plans to get dessert at LA Jackson’s rooftop lounge, but they ended up being booked for a private party. We went to Watermark instead and split the peach cobbler and strawberry pound cake (winner).

Father’s Saturday
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