Asheville, ND – Day 3: Goodbye, Dog Gate

The Pits: Weston was tired and was bad mood at bedtime.

The Peaks: Up at 7am and on the road by 8am. We elected to have breakfast bars in the room and stop for lunch on the road. We stopped at Cracker Barrel (exit 317) for brunch. Traci drove the rest of the way to pick up Trek and we got home around 1pm.

As we got unpacked, I took the child gate off our stairway and Trek did okay about staying downstairs,
so we might be able to just leave it off. We’ll see how that goes.

I took the boys to the park to walk Trek and play basketball, then we had a family dinner and a 1-mile WITSWAD. It was nice to be back home in our own beds.

Asheville, ND – Day 3: Goodbye, Dog Gate

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